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Here’s a very quick article to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the upcoming launch of D3 Protocol. All the information which can be released at the current stage of development is included below and in the articles on the D3 Protocol ($DEFI) and Cross Chain Farming ($CCF) Medium pages.

When is D3 Protocol launching?

We are on course for a January launch. Our main priority is the safety and security of the protocol. We will be working tirelessly to ensure this from day one.

It will be a fair launch so will not be pre-announced. Once the LP is live, we will post the contract address via our Twitter account. Please only use this contract address to avoid being scammed by malicious 3rd parties. Follow the official D3 Protocol account and turn notifications on.

$DEFI Launch and airdrop timeline

  1. $DEFI token will launch in January 2022. The official D3 Protocol Twitter account is the only formal source of information on this.
  2. Buyers and sellers can transact as per the “How do I buy at launch and how much can I buy?” section.
  3. 24 hours after the launch of $DEFI, $CCF holders will receive the $DEFI airdrop as specified in the “$DEFI airdrop for $CCF holders” section.

$DEFI airdrop for $CCF holders

As per the tokenomics (addressed below), 25% of the initial $DEFI supply is reserved for $CCF holders, allocated on a proportional basis and distributed 24hours after the launch of $DEFI. This will be based on a snapshot taken just prior to the launch of D3 Protocol.

For example, if you own 1% of circulating $CCF supply (excluding the $CCF burn wallet and LP), you will receive 1% of the 25% airdrop allocation 24 hours following the launch of $DEFI. In simple terms, the more $CCF you hold, the more $DEFI you will be eligible to receive.

Below is an example of the airdrop amount received by a $CCF holder holding 1 billion $CCF tokens.

As mentioned, The $DEFI airdrop will take place 24 hours after the token has launched on pancake swap. This is to enable everyone to participate in the launch without any wallet limitations (as explained in the “How do I buy at launch and how much can I buy?” section).

Finally, here is a comparative example of what would’ve happened if you had an equivalent amount of $OHM when OlympusDAO launched that has been fully staked and compounded.

We’re not suggesting that this is what will happen with $DEFI. It is an example of what HAS happened with $OHM, and should encourage you to read up on the benefits of longer term staking.

Has the snapshot been taken yet?

The snapshot has not yet been taken. We will not announce when the snapshot will be taken to keep the D3 Protocol launch as fair as possible. Just hold your $CCF and enjoy the reflections until then.

What is the launch price and market cap?

The initial $DEFI token price will be $3 based on the initial liquidity pool (LP) as detailed in the “What are the D3 Protocol tokenomics?” section.

20,000 $DEFI will be minted at launch, with 5,000 burned to start inflation control mechanisms.

This leaves 15,000 tokens (5,000 for airdrop, and 10,000 for the LP) at a starting price of $3. This equals a starting market cap of $45,000.

As market participants start to buy and mint $DEFI, the price and market cap will increase at a rate decided by the open market.

How do I buy at launch and how much can I buy?

Once the LP is live and the contract is announced via Twitter you can buy via PancakeSwap.

To ensure an even distribution at launch and prevent whales from controlling the supply from the offset, in the first 24 hours from launch:

On buys:

  • Each wallet will only be permitted to buy a maximum of 100 $DEFI

On sells:

  • Each wallet will only be permitted to sell a maximum of 100 $DEFI

Over the first week post launch these limits will increase daily. The specifics of the scaled limits will be announced closer to launch.

Please note the above only applies to buys and sells and not in regards to minting which has different criteria, addressed in the next section.

24 hours after launch, the wallet limit of 100 $DEFI will be removed and you will be able to accumulate $DEFI as per a TBC sliding scale. This will also allow for the $DEFI airdrop to be sent out to all holders.

Can I mint at launch and what mints are available?

Yes, you can also mint at a discount at launch. Mints available will include $BUSD and $CCF. These will also be capped as per buys (but at much higher levels, e.g. starting levels of 5,000 $BUSD per wallet for $BUSD mints).

Again, the specific scaled minting limits will be announced closer to launch. Minting limits will always be closely controlled and dynamic to properly manage the D3 Protocol treasury. Minted tokens are vested over 5 days, and can then be staked.

What are the D3 Protocol tokenomics?

An initial supply of 20,000 $DEFI will be minted at launched backed by 20,000 $BUSD. A further 30,000 BUSD will be contributed to the LP from the team.

  • Airdrop: 25% of initial supply (5,000 $DEFI) airdropped to $CCF holders proportional to $CCF holdings.
  • Burn: 25% of initial supply (5,000 $DEFI) burned to start the inflation control mechanism (via burn wallet).
  • Liquidity: 50% of initial supply (10,000 $DEFI) will be paired with 30,000 $BUSD and added as LP.

For those that aren’t familiar, below is a quick recap on D3 Protocol and Cross Chain Farming (CCF), and the interrelation between the two, with linked articles explaining each aspect in more detail.

What is D3 Protocol?

D3 Protocol is a decentralized currency for DeFi 3.0 on BSC. Stake the native $DEFI token for exposure to a basked of DeFi assets, and receive high APYs.

What is Cross Chain Farming (CCF)?

Cross Chain Farming (CCF) offers Farming-as-a-Service on BSC. Buy and hold $CCF, CCF farms, compounds and redistributes profits to holders.

How are D3 Protocol and CCF related?

They’re both run by Team []. Our vision is to provide a full suite of tools offering democratic, transparent and easy DeFi access for all. D3 Protocol and Cross Chain Farming make this a reality.

Team []

[] is the team behind D3 Protocol ($DEFI) and Cross Chain Farming ($CCF). Our mission is to offer a complete suite of affordable and secure DeFi 3.0 tools available to all. [] references our innovative tokenomics model applied across D3 and CCF, and is also an angel number representing completeness, prosperity, and success (👼, 👼).

Join the DeFi 3.0 revolution

Below are all the important links you need to find out more about D3 Protocol, and Cross Chain Farming. The team and our awesome community are usually on hand to speak to you and answer your questions. Join us to find out more about the world of DeFi 3.0 and how you can get involved.


Discord: https://discord.gg/PsW5kXkdDz

D3 Protocol:

Website: https://d3protocol.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/d3protocol

Medium: https://medium.com/@d3protocol

Telegram: https://t.me/d3protocol

Cross Chain Farming:

Buy: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap

Website: https://ccfdao.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/crosschainfarm

Medium: https://medium.com/@ccfdao

Telegram: https://t.me/ccfarming



D3 Protocol

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