D3 Protocol: a decentralized reserve currency for DeFi 3.0

D3 Protocol
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The D3 Protocol DEFI token is a decentralized reserve currency for DeFi 3.0. An Olympus DAO (OHM) fork with a revolutionary [] tokenomics layer, and automated yield algorithm capable of sustainably high yields for DEFI stakers, via treasury exposure to yield bearing cross chain assets. Rug proof (3, 3), with sustainable long-term utility. Stake, mint, earn (👼, 👼).

Why are we launching D3 Protocol?

Our goal is to offer users a full suite of decentralized finance options akin to those you would find in traditional finance; a DeFi 3.0 suite of tools enabling all participants to benefit and achieve financial autonomy.

We launched Cross Chain Farming (CCF) as the DeFi 3.0 asset management arm. The D3 Protocol DEFI token is the underlying reserve currency for CCF and the entire DeFi 3.0 ecosystem. It offers access to the entire cross chain DeFi 3.0 ecosystem through staking the DEFI token.

A sustainable [] OHM fork

We’ve added our innovative [] tokenomics to the equation to make long-term, high yield staking, and cross-chain DeFi 3.0 truly sustainable. As with CCF, there will be a 12% tax on all buys and sells of the DEFI token (but not on minting). This is based on our [] tokenomics model, offering additional benefits to both CCF and DEFI holders.

  • 3% rewards DEFI stakers by way of claimable BNB reflections
  • 3% goes to the treasury for buybacks to manage inflation
  • 3% auto buys CCF, benefiting DEFI treasury and CCF holders
  • 3% is auto routed to burn DEFI to further control excessive inflation

CCF tokens owned by DEFI will be locked and vested, taking CCF out of circulation and enabling the D3 Protocol treasury to receive reflections to sustain yields for DEFI stakers.

We also have the ability to plug in other DeFi 3.0 tokens (such as MCC) and add those to our treasury to build a diversified D3 Protocol treasury, and further rewards for DEFI stakers.

We’ve also taken inspiration from Satoshi and developed an automated yield halving algorithm that smooths out APY as the treasury grows and ensures sustainability of the D3 Protocol by managing inflation.

In short, we have found a totally unique way to balance exciting staking incentives with sustainability, rewarding stakers and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Real long-term DEFI token utility

If you’re unfamiliar with how OHM works and the game theory behind it, please DYOR before investing. Remember, high APYs are a marketing tool used to attract a user base, and are not sustainable over the longer term.

Our [] layer and yield algorithm ensure we can operate in an sustainable manner with sustainable high yields and adds two additional layers of benefit to DEFI stakers beyond typical staking and minting.

Staking (3, 3): Users can buy and stake DEFI earning sustainable, high (but sensible) APY through the minting of new DEFI backed by the treasury, just like with OHM or TIME.

Minting (3, 3): Users can mint via BUSD, WBNB, CCF and in time other assets (such as MCC) to receive discounted, vested DEFI which can be staked after vesting.

Airdrops (+, +): The first innovation, is via the [] tax, with 3% reflections on buys and sells claimable as BNB for DEFI stakers. Further incentivizes staking and punishes sellers.

Asset management (∞, ∞): This is our unique differentiator; accessing other DeFi 3.0 tokens via [] and mints, giving additional reflections and yields to DEFI stakers.

Tokenomics and benefits for CCF holders

This will be a fair, stealth launch with no pre-announcement, no insider discounts and no team tokens. The only exception is that CCF holders will receive a proportional airdrop. A snapshot will be taken prior to the launch of D3 Protocol. We will not pre-announce when the snapshot is taking place to ensure a fair launch for D3 Protocol.

As per necessary economics, all minted DEFI will be backed by a minimum of 1 BUSD. The team will provide seed funding of 50,000 BUSD to mint 20,000 DEFI. 20,000 BUSD will be added to the treasury to back the initial mint of 20,000 DEFI, and 30,000 BUSD will be added to the DEFI-BUSD LP to provide immediate trading liquidity.

  • Airdrop: 25% of initial supply (5,000 DEFI) airdropped to CCF holders proportional to CCF holdings.
  • Burn: 25% of initial supply (5,000 DEFI) burned to start the inflation control mechanism (via burn wallet).
  • Liquidity: 50% of initial supply (10,000 DEFI) will be paired with 30,000 BUSD and added as LP.

When is D3 Protocol launching?

As with everything we do, we are taking the time to do things right. We want to deliver the best, fairest, and safest product for all participants. With that said D3 Protocol is forecast to launch in January 2022.

The launch will not be pre-announced. This is a fair launch, and the launch will be announced across all our social channels the second we go live. So, pay attention to our channels and keep notifications turned on.

When D3 Protocol launches everyone will be able to participate. Wallets will have a max 600 BUSD per transaction limit during launch, and we will be looking to limit sniper bots.

This is to ensure fair distribution of the DEFI token for long-term sustainability. Keep your eyes open for more details. Thanks for coming on this journey with us, and let’s lead the way in the DeFi 3.0 revolution.

Team []

[] is the team behind D3 Protocol ($DEFI) and Cross Chain Farming ($CCF). Our mission is to offer a complete suite of affordable and secure DeFi 3.0 tools available to all. [] references our innovative tokenomics model applied across D3 and CCF, and is also an angel number representing completeness, prosperity, and success (👼, 👼).

Join the DeFi 3.0 revolution

D3 Protocol Twitter and Medium are live and linked below. Follow both now to be alerted as soon as we launch. Telegram and Discord coming soon. In the meantime join us in the CCF groups linked below to get the latest updates, chat with the team, and meet our awesome community.

Website: https://d3protocol.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/d3protocol

Medium: https://medium.com/@d3protocol

Telegram: https://t.me/ccfarming

Discord: https://discord.gg/PsW5kXkdDz



D3 Protocol

D3 Protocol is a DeFi 3.0 Staking-as-a-Service (STaaS) protocol. Earn from an auto-investing, and auto-compounding treasury.